We’re not gonna lie to you, we were thinking this day would never happen and this situation ever come to an end… This was by far the suspense of the Summer, of the Fall, and a little before Winter is there, our always awaited “Fleuve” 2xLP by made it to Weyrd Son Records HQ.

“Finally” is a soft word here, since the delay on this double heavy baby has left us unarmed. But here it is, bright, dark, colourfull, violent, heavy in the hands, soft to the touch, in one word: AMAZING to the eyes and the ears. What you see are views of two out of the three editions. First one is the LAVA edition, consisting of a complex merge of clear orange, black haze and gold speckles. To make it burst to your eyes, pictures were taking on a lightbox so you can see all layers. Second variant is a wonderful black vinyl with silver splatters while edition three is for the black wax lovers. All editions are coming in a super deluxe strong cardboard sleeve and Side D displays a delicate artwork etched into the record itself. Art by Anne Fontenelle and Åntøine De Schuyter. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, run to Weyrd Son Records online shop.

Time now to wrap, pack them all along the weekend. Copies will fly out by Monday 11.12 the latest. Thanx again for everyone showing their support and for the patience and understanding of this very intense situation. Time for reward!