Today FLEUVE turns one year old.

Reflecting on all of the work we put into making this album a reality, we truly could not be more pleased with where this album has taken us. From touring Europe, playing key festivals like Dunk!Festival (Be), Dour Festival (Be), Soundrive Festival (Pl) and Bergmal Festival (Ch) or performing in South Korea, FLEUVE has taken
us to more places we’ve ever could imagined.

Behind the word “us” stands many more.

The whole band obviously, even though the lineup have evolved in the past months. I’m grateful to have Gil (drums), Lukas (drums), Alice (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Juliette (percussions, keyboards, vocals) on my side on stage. Let me mention also Ludovic (live sound), Leslie (live sound), Denis (live light design), Farid (tour management) and Vanessa (videos and photographs) for always trusting me. My thoughts are also going to Dimitri and Arielle, who left the band early 2018 but who brought their contribution to the birth of FLEUVE in 2017. I can’t forget Anne Fontenelle either, who’s responsible of the fabulous art design, inspired by art model Olga Mathey Last but not least, a big shout to Michael aka Weyrd Son Records, who beside making this release a beautiful reality, became a close friend and a live band member as well. This is also one of the biggest surprises that came with this record and I’m truly grateful for his trust and love.

Needless to say that the success of FLEUVE has always relied heavily on you, the listener. What we do would not be possible without the dedication and investment from each person who has supported us in one way or another. Whether it was pre-ordering FLEUVE on vinyl or CD, or attending one of our shows, the success and opportunity we’ve received to take this album on the road has been fueled by the people willing to spend the time to investigate our craft. For this we are truly and forever grateful.

By the time I’m putting these words down, new songs are finding their ways from my senses to my hands, and I’m in the process of writing new material. You can expect some kind of follow up to FLEUVE, but I haven’t decided about the direction yet. To the sea or to the mountain’s top?