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Finaly, the book is on its way to the press! First shipping will start next week! Delay is due to a lack of time but it’s going to go well now. Thank you to everyone who are waiting patiently their copy and for the others, don’t miss this very limited luxous release! http://thot.bandcamp.com/merch/the-book-of-the-water-towers





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// The Parade of the Trees

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Our music video for The Parade of the Trees will be unveiled in 15 days. Expect an urban nightmare.

Today is the day of the Fall //

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Like an epilogue, This Ep is made of tons of sounds that have been created during the Obscured by the Wind (2011) sessions but that weren’t used in the final record. Recently redesigned, these 6 pieces give the rhythm to the slow vanish of those landmarks that are the water towers. A peacefull and bewitching Ep, before the storm of what I am currently writing for 2013.

Needless to say that if you pay for the download, we’ll invest it in producing our next album. Sounds like crowdfunding? Yeah, right. And a unique chance for you to be part of our future.

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// The Book of the Water Towers

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Physical edition of The Fall of the Water Towers, our upcoming Ep, to be released 25th September on White Leaves Music | Pre-order now thot.bandcamp.com/merch/the-book-of-the-water-towers. 14 pages including drawnings, lyrics, reviews, photographies and a 6 tracks cd. Edition of 50 copies, hand numbered and signed on demand. Listen to the first song of this Ep: youtu.be/prVTst8isl4?hd=1


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The Fall of the Water Towers //

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Here’s the artwork for our upcoming Ep. In a few days, we’re going to send this Ep to some of you, directly in your mailbox, if you are already subscribed to our our newsletter obviously.  If not and if you want to have a chance to get this Ep before everyone, download the first song #Grueenn for free >> http://goo.gl/lUPGi

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