An album promotion tour could last for several months. There are tours going on during many days, or weeks.

And sometimes, you have a one-off, like a festival, 1000kms from home.

We often wonder if it worth driving that much in 48 hours.

Being tired, a tight budget, a performance schedule not that ideal (being the festival opening act). And, a difficult logistic return, as you have to drop off your mates along the road, and being alone for the last 200 kms with the van and all the gear you’ll have to unload alone. On top of that, having fever because you got a cold after the show.

However, there​ was​ the ​sunset​, splendid, inspiring, who kept me awaken in the last kms.

A friendly neighbour to help me unload the gear and taking pictures.

And the souvenir of the people we met on the festival.

Those I haven’t seen for ages, those we meet at the merchandising table because they loved the show and they buy vinyls.

The greetings from your fathers (The Young Gods) who congratulate you many times with their great kindness.

The jokes we tell each others when coming back to the hotel despite you want the night to last forever.

So many things that make me answer “YES” to the “Is it worth it?

The artist life. Some say it’s a lazy life. Some think it’s the perfect life.

Neither of them. It is something else, like a different time-space, a way of life, a certain idea of freedom and intensity, either it’s sacrifice or reward.

I don’t want another life, this is the way I am happy.

Love to all my tour mates and artists who might feel the same.

Grégoire Fray.