Dear friends,

Today, our album FLEUVE is born and becomes all yours now. We tried to make FLEUVE not only a collection of tracks, but rather a luminous ode to the european continent and its cultural history, to nature’s immuable inspiration, to women and transcendance. Deeply.

This record has been an intense process of moving forward out of our own boundaries and it witnesses our deep love to make music together in order to share it as much as possible. Tonight, we are in Berlin and we are looking forward to celebrate it all together for our show at Chester’s, and we can’t wait to welcome our friends next week for our Brussels release at Beursschouwburg ☞

This record was made possible thanks a bunch of amazing people such as Magnus Lindberg, Amaury Sauvé, Catherine Graindorge, Samuel Theze, Claudia Chiaramonté, John Willame, Frédérique Rochette, Eamon McGrath, the people at FWB & WBI, Ludovic Sirtaine, Denis Natalis, Farid Agjij, Anne Fontenelle, Antoine de Schuyter, Chloé Kaufmann, Olga Mathey, and obviously, our families for their neverending care & financial support. Special thanks to some amazing fans their financial support. A very special thanks goes to Michael Thiel for bringing us into the Weyrd Son Records family and for putting so much work and love into this release.

FLEUVE is all yours now, and we feel honoured to let it have his own drift between your ears. Share your thoughts with us, share it with your lovers, friends, ennemies. Thank you for your support, we’re looking forward to meet you on the road pretty soon.

Grégoire, Gil, Dimitri & Arielle